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I wish eye-rolling burned more calories I wish I was where I was when I was wishing I was here
What I need is a Hide button for real life I'd rather be at band camp
If history repeats itself I'm so getting a dinosaur I have no desire for money, it's stuff that I want
I want it all and I want it covered in chocolate I just want to be inspired
I want some levity I'm waiting for the 70s to come back
I need a slogan I don't want to lower heaven, I just want to raise hell
I would like to buy a vowel I'm thinking of making low self esteem a fad
All I want is a warm bed, a kind word and unlimited power. -Ashleigh Brilliant I'd love to trade caller ID for caller IQ
I'd rather be at Kamp Krusty LOOKING FOR INSIGHT
More pageantry, please I wish I was a thin as my patience
I just want you to fill the cavernous void in my soul. Is that so much to ask? I'd live up to my potential if it didn't cut into my sitting around time
I never know what I want until someone says I can't have it 1% wannabe
I want to be a cyborg The workout buddy I want would tell me I look great and I can skip my workout
I want magic to be real When I call Customer Service I'd like a button to press for English I Can Understand
I would gladly trade all I own for more and better stuff If I could be good at just one thing I would choose everything
If anybody ever steals my identity I hope they treat it better than I have I want to be a robot
I'd rather be sleeping My goal weight is roughly three Olympic gymnasts
I want a Fairy Godmother My dream wedding is to not have one
When I grow up I wanna be something or other I'd like to wake up now
I want it all and I want it delivered I would like to move to a smarter planet
I want a Google that helps me search for things in my house Give me the coffee to change the things I can and the wine to accept the things I cannot
I think I'll take a nap and let my problems solve themselves Thanks for the advice but what I really need are minions
I'm trying to get my weight down to the level of my self-esteem Someday i hope i invent something and get rich
If I could pick a super power I'd take the ability to stop eating when I'm full I plan to start a diet next week. So far, so good
My goal weight is the one on my driver’s license If every day is a gift, I'd like to exchange Monday
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