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These are once-timely Internet Bumper Stickers whose time has past. Take a little stroll back with these Stickers retired from all categories. Oldest are at the top of this page, most recent at the end of the last page.
Diana, gone too soon Rooms for rent (cash in advance)
Wanted: Gardening interns to plant tulips around the White House Monica inhaled
Impeach this! If it doesn't get all over your face... that would be preferable pigboy
I survived Floyd Hmm, looks like Newt got out when the gettin was good
I don't brake for Jar Jar I brake for Jar Jar
Let Elian stay Let Elian go
Cut Elian in two Elian si. Miami relatives no.
Sue, the other white bitch Adios Elian. La paz va con usted
Nobody says Macintosh is perfect, but at least Apple noticed the year 2000 was coming Kleopatra. Proof of giant space dogs?
Y2K BFD 2000 Phew, nothin blowed up
Don't get bit by the Love Bug or other virus. virus scan all email attachments I gotta have that Cube
Welcome Home 24 Save a cow, drink a beer PETA
Ok Darva, you made it onto an Internet Bumper Sticker, you can go away now Paula Jones. Better to be thought a fool than open your blouse and remove all doubt
Florida, where your vote counts! And counts, and counts... Florida, we're number one! Wait! Recount!
Florida, land of Electile Dysfunction Sore Loserman 2000
In a rush ain't he? MIR duck
Hey Bush! No tax dollars to religion until religion pays taxes We miss you Chuck.
Ranger beret. Earned, not issued. Joey Ramone
Split Microsoft Napster 1999-2001
Casey Martin Lance Armstrong
America West. If we lose your kid the flight is free California's two hopes for solving the  energy crisis... Dim and Dimmer
Jesse Jackson Ken Kesey November 10, 2001
Not Happy Jan! For you Blue. George Harrison 1943-2001
It's not good sportsmanship to beat another hockey-father to death Everybody should get to box Paula Jones
Sleep well, Mum LANCE
America West. Free drinks on every flight (pilots only) The answer is unbumperstickerable -Donal Rumsfeld
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