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I want an emoticon for Courtesy Laugh On the Internet no one knows you're a cat
The best proofreading happens right after you hit send Your computer may beat you at chess but not kickboxing
Work is for people who don't have Internet access The Internet - because time isn't going to waste itself
Using all caps makes me more persuasive! If you don't have anything nice to say you're probably saying it on the internet
I press the Control key but it's not giving me any Never post faster than your guardian angel can read
Warning: the Internet is not meant as a substitute for human companionship Before Facebook, we had to "like" things with our feelings
My blog is so much better than yours This Sticker is awaiting moderation
Be sure brain is engaged before SEND key is released Flame-Free Zone
This Sticker has not been moved or deleted When I was a kid my social network was called "outside"
My online profile contains 15% fewer lies than the average I must go, for I see someone on the Internet is incorrect and I must admonish them posthaste and with authority!
Dear YouTube, yes, I want to skip the ad, no, I don't need 5 seconds to decide There's a nut loose on your keyboard
No trolls
PICNIC: Problem in chair, not in computer Sure, ask the Internet for advice. What could go wrong?
Welcome to the Internet where women are men and 13-year-old girls are FBI agents I'm starting to think it was a poor decision to sharemy life's most intimate details with the entire Internet
Warning: This thread has been oversaturated with sactimonious tedium I see by the length of your Facebook post that you are passionate about an issue on which you are utterly ill-informed
Alcohol increases the size of the send button by 48% On the Internet nobody can put you in a sleeper hold
IDK, Google it! If you're sharing your life every 5 minutes on Facebook, you might not actually have a life
There are monkey fights at the zoo more civil than some Facebook threads Everyone has problems, not all of us post them on Facebook
You're ruining the Internet Because I'm the administrator, that's why!
Twitter gives me hope that someday all communication will be bumpersticker length By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you blocked and deleted
When I was your age, the Internet was called Books Social Justice Warriors... ENRAGE!!
Share if you hate all those posts that tell you to "share this if..." Sometimes I think I'm the only one here over 15
The Internet, where spelling goes to die If you ban me again I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine
I can't go to bed, stuff's happening on the Internet! I left my dignity on the Internet
I use Facebook mostly to complain about new features on Facebook 92% of LOLs are fake
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