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This Halloween please wear pants Happy Halloween
Halloween Trick-or-Treaters Welcome Here
I'm dressing like Walmart for Halloween: half in Christmas merchandise Halloween
Let's get sheetfaced Zombie crossing
Witch Parking Only. All others will be toad How about I come over and carve your pumpkin?
Got Candy? Great minds taste alike
For Halloween I'm going as a serial killer: Bacon Trust me, too much candy isn't good
What's under YOUR bed? Halloween. How cute.
I know Halloween's coming because the stores are putting up Christmas decorations Fun size is not even mildly amusing
Anybody know a hipster I can borrow clothes from for my hobo costume? What do we want? Brains! When do we want it? Brains!
Happy Halloween? Such a limited imagination! For Halloween I'm going as a soulless brain dead wretch. I got the idea at the office
Strangers candy is the sweetest Happy Halloween
Have a nice Halloween! Candy now!
A Halloween costume is the most effort I ever put into how I dress Attention zombies: this human contains no brains
WWJD? Jason boo.
Stick it! Happy Halloween
Mmmm, Halloween So... goin' Trick-or-Treating? As what, "Angry Blogger?"
For Halloween I'm going as a hipster dressed as someone who isn't a hipster I'm here for the boos
May the witches be kind to you this Hallows' Eve I put more thought into my Halloween costume than in funding my retirement
Samhain What wine goes best with Halloween candy?
Boo Yah! Let's put a smile on that face -The Joker
Halloween bites Jehovah's Witnesses don't do Halloween They don't like strangers knocking on their door
My scary Halloween costume will be a phone battery at 2% I love Trick-or-Treaters
How do I find out if I'm too cool to dress up for Halloween? Keep Calm and Scary On
For Halloween I'm wearing my Resting Witch Face Halloween: A bloody good time
Something wicked this way comes
Please excuse any typos. I'm not used to the new straightjacket
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