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I'm not bad, I just spell that way Even if the voices aren't real they have some good ideas
I'm like a superhero but with no powers or motivation Human doing
I learn the hard way I used to be a kleptomaniac but I took something for it
Socially Retarded I'm just the right amount of crazy
I'm a PBS mind in an MTV world Nobody knows I'm a lesbian
I'm not anti-social I just hate being with people I've gotta be me! (everybody else was taken)
Domestic Goddess I think my supply of brain cells is finally down to a manageable level
Anime-niac Turns out I'm not an AfternoonPerson either
I'm not a brat!  I'm not, I'm not, I'm not! I'M NOT A PESSIMIST I'm optimistically challenged
Overthinker Delightfully tacky yet unrefined
Feigning enthusiasm PERFECT PREFECT
Dominating known parameters since 2004 ADHD
Property of No One Inside me is a thin woman trying to get out. I can usually shut the bitch up with chocolate.
BITCH WITHOUT A CAUSE Insufficient memory at this time
MY voices can beat up YOUR voices I may be schizophrenic, but at least I have each other
Too cute to care Will not acquiesce
Under my gruff exterior is a gruffer interior not an adrenaline kind of person
not well enough to leave well enough alone I DO BAD THINGS
Ask me about my anger management disorder Happy alone
Nice for a price Mathlete
I'm happy being miserable Sometimes I pee when I laugh
I do what the voices in my pants tell me to do Crime Fighter
Home Brewer That's me in a nut shell.  Will somebody please help me out!
Canadian Girl obsequious minion
I have few faults but I try to make the most of them Oops. I've become my mother
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