Instant swimmer, just add water Soccer it's a real kick in the grass
I fish therefore I lie got snow?
Skateboarders welcome here Born to hunt
got dirt? Winterguard!
We interrupt this marriage to bring you the hunting season PlAYSOccer
It takes a lot of balls to play golf like me got balls?
Born to fish You can't spell team without "me"
got pool? Skater Chick
Soccer players do it for 90 minutes Your Team Sucks
Don't shoot it if you don't eat it got sand?
Skydivers: good to the last drop Dirt bikes 4 life
got ramp? Make the NHL all Canadian
I surf, therefore I am! You can skydive with no parachute. Once.
We interrupt this marriage to bring you the NASCAR season got deck?
Golf: A good walk, spoiled. -Mark Twain Ruck it!
got surf? Have some fun between your legs (on a bicycle)
I surf, therefore I am! Lacrosse: Chicks with sticks
Sorry that your fantasy team is even worse than your real life got board?
Yay, Sports! Half marathons are for quitters
got net? There's no TEAM without ME
Wishin' I was Fshin' Sorry about your bracket
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