Internet Bumper Stickers® 2019 review!
The year in review The Year in Stickers - 2020

Here's our annual look back at the topical stuff that stuck to Internet Bumper Stickers® in the year gone by.

Whoh. We weren't prepared for a year like 2020.

So maybe you want to just skip this page and go look at one of the other 17 year-end reviews we have here. It's OK, we understand. Perhaps in a few months you can come back — when it's not all so fresh in your mind — and look at it from more of a distance. You know, like it happened to somebody else, or as if it was just a dream.

Or maybe, depending on how 2021 goes, you'll want to come back for a pleasant reminder of "the good old days."

Bernie Sanders 2020
Trump/Pence 2020 Keep America great! Joe Biden President 2020
Hindsight is 2020 (Bernie Sanders)
Elizabeth Warren 2020
Pete Buttigieg 2020
Mike Bloomberg 2020
Amy Klobuchar for America 2020
Tulsi Gabbard 2020 Tom Steyer 2020 People over Profits
Bill Weld 2020
Stay safe. Stay informed.
Joe Exotic for president 2020
Bill Withers 1938-2020 To all who work on the front lines, Thank You
Little Richard 1932-2020
George Floyd
John Lewis 1940–2020
I'm a Republican voting for Biden
Jerry Falwell Jr. to visit Trump swing states as an observer
200,000 U.S. Coronavirus deaths 750 bucks. What'd you pay? (Trump)
Hydroxychloroquine, stand back and stand by If the fly sits. (Mike Pence)
2020 seems intent on making each new month the worst
Celebrate Columbus Day by breaking into someone's house and claiming it for yourself I think I've forgotten how handshakes work
I liked it better when Orwell was fiction Vote. It's your superpower
Vote no matter what Who started the term, Spooky Season, and can we lock them in a dungeon?
For Halloween I'm going as the ghost of when everything was OK  
Sean Connery 1930–2020
What is We Love You, Alex (Alex Trebeck) Friday the 13th: Because 2020 needs some bad luck

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