War & Peace

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Volunteer armies = voluntary wars. Restore the draft Home of the free because of the brave
Blessed are the peacemakers No country ever benefited from prolonged warfare -Sun Tzu
Support our troops: Don't send them to endless unwinnable wars The "war" on terror is a scam and you're the sucker
Peace monger Peace, it's worth fighting for
Billion dollar idea: war Support our Troops (Storm Troopers)
America: war, incorporated These colors don't run the world
I honked for peace. It didn't work I'm against the next war too
Peace through war We used to manufacture weapons to use in war, now we manufacture wars to use our weapons
Enjoying your freedom? Thank a vet Don't close Guantanamo, use it for Wall Street CEOs
While you weren't looking... permanent war What if they held a war and nobody profited?
We are making more enemies than we can kill. We must kill faster! War is terrorism
I support everyone's troops -Grim Reaper So long as there is profit in it there will be war
Start looking after veterans. Stop looking for war
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