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Peace on earth, good will to all Noel
Happy Festivus. Strength. Grievances. No tinsel. Merry Christmas
Chappy Chanukah Joyful!
All I want for Christmas is 2 more weeks I resolved to stop kidding myself with New Year's resolutions
Holiday Time. Light it up
If your Christmas tree is still up in February, you're lazy. If it's still up in May, you're an artist Dear Santa, I was framed
Bill Murray Christmas My New Year's resolutions seem to go in one year and out the other
The holidays are so much fun I could puke Christmas rocks
Gutt Yontiff to All! Peace
Insert your preferred seasonal greeting of love & good will here I've decided to go with naughty this year
Ho Ho Ho My new New Year's resolution is to not discuss my old New Year's resolution
Dear Santa, why so judgmental? Just say ho!
Bah, humbug Happy, you know, holidays, or whatever
Happy New Year. Can I take a nap now? You'll shoot your eye out!
Oh goody. The annual season of compulsory joy Make Merry. Saturnalia
be merry Merry Christmas boys and girls -Mr. Hanky
Naughty is the new nice It's a jingle out there
Christmas cat nap Feliz Navidad
Why are they always trying to inject religion into Christmas? Happy New Year
Happy Chrismakkah! I've got North-Polar Disorder (the nagging fear there's a jolly fat man on my roof)
Blessed Christmas I'm dreaming of a #"FFFFFF" Christmas
This is my favorite time of the year to not like Christmas is a great time to remember that Jesus celebrated Hanukkah
I hated spending New Yer's Eve trying to figure out where to spend New Year's Eve Naugthy doesn't even begin to cover it
Leftover Halloween candy is a good stocking stuffer, right? Happy Solstice
Happy freakin' Christmas! -Peter Griffin I cheat at dreidel
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