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Normal people scare me My will power in any situation is always exactly not quite enough
Overthinker I run on coffee and sarcasm
Ask me about my explosively angry reaction to stupid questions Under my gruff exterior is a gruffer interior
Oops. I've become my mother The voices in my head are fighting again
I have delusions of adequacy ADHD
I'm not anti-social I just hate being with people I learn the hard way
Feigning enthusiasm I don't have pet peeves, mine are wild and untamed peeves
I'm like a superhero but with no powers or motivation Dangerously overeducated
MY voices can beat up YOUR voices Ignoring my mother's advice
Not a go-getter I'm nicer on the weekend
Not as lean, not as mean, but still a marine I don't do social
Insufficient memory at this time Go away. Can't adult today
Yet to be there or do that Ske?tic (skeptic)
I have few faults but I try to make the most of them Not a role model
I'm not a nag, I'm a motivational speaker Awkward is my specialty
Serving as a bad example Conformist
Smalltalk Survivor My superpower is ignoring my faults so I can focus on other people's
98% chimp Powered by existential dread
My decision-making skills resemble a squirrel crossing the street I have many hidden talents. If you find any let me know what they are
I'm not a procrastinator I'm just an avid follower of distractions Cleverly Disguised as a Muggle
Not as hip as I planned to be I don't have an inner child I have an inner old person that wants everyone to shush
If you knew my family you'd understand Overpowered by funk
Instant Human: Just add coffee I think my spirit animal has rabies
Proud to be a Grammar Cop Not a people pleaser
Me, jog? I get winded when my mascara runs My mind is like a banana tree filled with monkeys clattering for attention
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