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Does dark have a speed, too? Who is Pete? And why do we do so much for his sake?
If less is more is nothing everything? Why do psychics have to ask your name?
Running late counts as exercise, right? Who are these kids? And why are they calling me mom?
How long is all this supposed to last? Question Everything. Why?
I paused my game for this? Why do I only have suicidal houseplants?
If you won't listen to reason how about a lame excuse? If money can’t buy happiness what am I supposed to buy it with?!
Seem to anyone else that we’re way behind on rickrolling people? Shouldn’t employers have to wash hands, too?
Lab safety? …or super powers? What if I don't want to get a life?
If not now, when? If it’s mo money, mo problems why isn’t it no money, no problems?
Synonym is an antonym for antonym, so why isn’t antonym a synonym for synonym? Is this what free time feels like or am I forgetting to do something?
Is it ironic to misuse the word ironic? Why am I always the one people turn to for money I owe them?
Why do they call it a Swiss Army Knife? It’s only about 9% knife Why does the word queue need those last 4 letters?
Why can't cameras and mirrors just agree on what I look like? Is this real life?
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