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Tonight lets close the Internet early and go out for pie On the Internet there are no bad hair days
Googleheimer's: When you forget what you were about to Google I only go online once a day for about 16 hours
If you want to cry, use a tissue not your Facebook status Will work 4 bandwidth
I'm much better looking online Sometimes, when I'm alone, I google myself
I no longer recall why blogging ever seemed like a good idea to me Gee, there's an awful lot of stupid on the Internet
Screen Status Indicator: Your display is on Bow before me for I am root
I'd rather be phishing Blogging: a great way to meet people and lie to them
You're known by the company you keep and the e-mails you forward Girl geeks rule!
Your inspirational quotes have inspired me to block you There is no emoticon for what I'm feeling!
I don't always retweet, but when I do they're epic This board is way cooler than the boards that banned me
The internet, where people who don't know anything get questions answered by other people who don't know anything There are 10 kinds of people, those who understand binary and those who don't
$500 fine for posting while stupid If you can read this you have internet access
I'm giving up Facebook for good. From here on I'm using it for evil Which thing/decade/character/city am I? The one that doesn't take dumbass online quizzes
Life's way too short to stay on topic I need an emoticon for Resting Bitch Face
On the Internet no one stares at my boobs while I talk! OK, just one more level
I try to stay uninvolved in people's Facebook lives... and their real ones Why is my Internet connection only fast when I click the wrong link?
Go away or I will replace you with a small shell script Wikipedia is my wing man
The Internet seems to be tightening its grip on me We could take care of climate change and our energy needs if we could just turn Internet comments into electricity
Simple cures for most tech problems: 1.Restart device 2.Don't be an idiot God never gives you more than you can whine about on Facebook
Trolls: 10  Admin: 5 So you want to argue? Fine. My caps lock is READY
Does the voicemail at Twitter say hashtag key instead of pound key? Facebook privacy notice: If it's private, don't put it on Facebook
Sorry, your ISP has restructed your access to this content (Save Net Neutrality) Home is anywhere my wi-fi connects automatically
A programmer is a machine that turns coffee into code You know you're old when you need a scanner to post TBT photos
Reason I prefer the Internet #49: Can't hear anyone chew The Internet (may contain nuts)
Twitter is the street corner where that guy stands shouting angry, unintelligible babble You morons should stop insulting strangers on the Internet
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