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Old school They say enough monkeys at keyboards will eventually produce a literary work. The Internet has proven this false
Life's a bitch. Then you blog A watched stream never buffers
If you change your Facebook relationship status more than 4 times it should default to Unstable Just because I'm not posting doesn't mean I'm not watching
Many quotes on the Internet are misattributed -Mark Twain Because I'm the moderator, that's why!
Reason I prefer the Internet #62: No awkward hugs (Citation needed)
Because I'm the administrator, that's why! The first rule of commenting on Internet posts: Don't
Share this with 5 people. Absolutely nothing at all will happen. Try it, it works! Click like if you hate when posts ask for likes
Internet, why so many cat videos? Who broke your capslock key?
You problem is you don't spend enough time alone on the Internet I got off of Twitter because I sensed I was being followed
I enjoy the Internet The geek shall inherit the earth
You're not deep, astute, clever or wise. You just have Internet access How to avoid e-mail scams: Don't be stupid
92% of LOLs are fake Love means never having to clear your browser history
Here's a rumor that probably isn't true, pass it on! _The Internet Gee, even in all caps your point is stupid
Life is too short for daily updates Here's hoping your Google results are someday worth reading
and/or exist
Who are you people and how did you get on my internet? Too bad the people with solutions to all the world's problems stay home and just post comments on the Internet
Do or do not. There is no try. -Yoda Gone viral, back in 15 minutes
You don't have to like me, I'm not a Facebook status Offended? Just scroll on
There's more to life than the Internet. Let me know when they find it Sign up here to stop online petitions
Welcome to the Internet, Pants Optional Learning binary is as easy as 01, 10, 11
What Would Jesus Tweet? If you wanted to insult the Amish on the Internet you could because they would never see it
This Sticker has been flagged for removal I'm sniffing your wireless
Friends don't let friends text drunk Internet Dependent
Facebook helps me pretend I have a life Amazing that I'm the 100,000th visitor at so many of the websites I visit
I don't do Fwds I'm not really a webmaster, but I play one on the Internet
What if those online personality quizzes are wrong about us? Online dating might be fun if I didn't have to go out on actual dates
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