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Magic has to be believed to be seen When I suggested we become friends with benefits, I meant health insurance
Jesus loves you but I'm his favorite There's an old proverb that says pretty much whatever you want it to
I saw that -Karma Grammar Cop says: Your does not equal Yours
Conformity is bliss Don't believe astrology? Then find me one Leo that likes getting punched in the face
You don't scare me, I have teenagers (wide eyes staring)
Reality is not on TV Semper Fi
Insert witty phrase here To relieve stress, take a deep breath and hold it for 30 minutes
Grammar Cop says: Irregardless is not a word One nation, under educated
My mother never saw the irony in calling me a son-of-a-bitch Don't worry, I have a plan (I'll need a lunch tray and a badger)
Chocolate understands What happens at band camp stays at band camp
If you were waiting for the opportune moment... that was it the Dude abibes
Evolution: So easy, a caveman could do it I thought the 21st century would have more beep boop sounds
It's all in your mind Grammar Cop says: Less does not equal fewer
This sticker changes nothing Thinking of having kids? You can have mine!
There is no spoon (face peering from hedge)
Everybody's wrong Lipodiesel: America's homegrown energy solution
Jesus loves you ...just not in that way (eyes peering)
Grammar Cop says: Their≠There≠They're Coexist superheroes
I will never let you out of my life, you know too much Your powers are useless here
Canada: America's hat Money saving tip: Don't buy it!
This is a simulation If nothing else works, a total refusal to face facts will see us through
Hands make a house Hearts make it a home Understanding. Acceptance. True Autism awareness
An easy way to get out of jury duty is to be the defendant Prose before hoes
Pirates>Ninjas Ninjas>Pirates
(eyes peeking) Grammar Cop says: Literally does not equal Figuratively
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