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Today is the first anniversary of a year ago I spend 300% of my time exaggerating
I love realism Absolute zero is the coolest thing ever
I'm a social vegan, I avoid meet
This sticker no verb I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me
If you make just one person smile, you're probably not that much fun to be around The eh team
I can resist everything except temptation. -Oscar Wilde The amount of sleep I usually need is ten minutes more
Snowmen pick their noses in the vegetab le aisle I am not a number I am a sticker
When surveyed, 4 out of 5 older Americans replied, "What?" Want to attract a glutton? Piece of cake
You calling me judgmental just proves what I've said about you Velcro is a rip off
I owe my success to my close attetion to detail If you suck at playing the trumpet try blowing
When will carotene be out of beta? Mirror inspector is a job I could see myself doing
My vacuum cleaner just gathers dust I'm not superstitious, that would be bad luck
On a scale of 1 to 10 I only weigh 10 pounds Geology rocks but geography is where it’s at
You can observe a lot by watching. -Yogi Berra Here's a question for all the mind readers out there
Age is only a number, check that, age is a word My weekends are in tents
The label said, avoid eye contact. But, too late, I already saw it Stop worrying about an apocalypse it’s not like it’ll be the end of the world
Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use Actually I'm quite humble. Which is quite rare in persons of my genious, wit and charism
Not all math puns are bad, just sum Octopi
What's orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot Predictions are rarely correct, especially about the future
The 1st rule of Plagiarism Club looks suspiciously familiar Back in school I was voted Most Likely to Cling to Past Achievements
This sticker is 25% funny and 85% bad at math I have a love/hate relationship with strong, contrary emotions
Eye like puns, the cornea the better I love heavy metal (tuba)
A new study says you will pay attention to anything starting with “a new study says” If you rearrange the letters in mail bag you get the carrier very angry
The sign, Employees Must Wash Hands, is wrong. It’s perfectly OK to wash your own hands Sure, I’ll be altruistic. What’s in it for me?
I don’t have the words to describe how limited my vocabulary is No prohibiting
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